Don't Let Worry Disrupt Your Recovery

Don't Let Worry Disrupt Your Recovery

Consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer in St. Louis, MO

Your accident wasn't standard. Don't chose a standard personal injury attorney from the St. Louis, MO area. Because the only thing protecting a motorcyclist's body is their helmet, injuries are often far more severe. Motorcyclists involved in a traffic accident often suffer from road rash, bone fractures and head and back injuries.

Careless drivers take the lives of thousands of motorcyclists per year. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, a lawyer from the Law Offices Of Ellen E. Morgan, LLC can help you fight for justice.

What causes so many motorcycle accidents?

Unsafe lane changes and reckless driving are common causes of motorcycle accidents. When car and truck drivers fail to...

  • Check their mirrors, they may not see motorcyclists before merging
  • Use turn signals, they don't give motorcyclists time to take defensive action
  • Observe the speed limit, they're more likely to collide with a motorcyclist

Let's hold careless drivers accountable for their choices behind the wheel. Call 314-422-2500 now to go over your case with a motorcycle accident lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri.